ProGenaCell History

It was the genius of Paul Niehans, M.D. (the Swiss doctor who invented and developed cell therapy in the 1930's,) and later Franz Schmid, M.D. (from Germany who, until his death, was the World expert on cell therapy,) whose collaborative concepts and courage lead to the quantum advancement in Stem Cell Treatment.

Even earlier than Niehans and Schmid, physicians dating back to the 16th century had begun to recognize that the best way to treat illness was to use living tissue in order to revitalize aging or ailing tissue. Paracelus, a well known physician of that time wrote: "Heart heals heart, lung heals lung, spleen heals spleen, like cures like."

It has now been over 75 years since Switzerland officially recognized Stem Cell therapy as an important therapeutic resource in the practice of medicine and patient treatment. While mainstream medicine has traditionally used drug therapy to interrupt illness, they have also lost sight of the revitalization process which stimulates the body's own innate healing process. However, within the last 10 years physicians from other countries previously silent to this movement are now expressing their interest in stem cell therapy. Backed by media and public interest, they are coming to an agreement that stem cell transplantation is a viable and very valuable treatment for those diseases where "state of the art" treatment has ceased to be effective, or where there simply is no known therapy. Stem cell therapy acts like an organ transplant with long-term beneficial effects.

"Cell therapy provides a body, under suitable application, with the opportunity of transforming the elementary function of life... This step in a new dimension in medicine leads, in the longer aspect, from a medicine for disease to a medicine for health, i.e. the therapeutic efforts are not focused on the elimination of single symptoms of disease but serve in the restoration of the vital elementary functions of an organism."

ProGenaCell's primary mission is to make sure that every patient is treated in the most professional and caring fashion. Restoring hope; providing support; offering compassionate understanding; and ensuring patient empowerment - are the four cornerstones of the ProGenaCell Pledge.

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